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Earning Cash by Surfing

Hi, I am a stay at home parent, and I am putting together a website of resources for home-based business. Surfing for Dollars is fast becoming a way for advertisers to get their message out to you and it's popularity is growing everyday as members refer the sites to their friends to earn money too. Bookmark this site for more postings of home-based business opportunites including "Paid to Surf Programs", Dollar-Stretching tips at home, homeschooling choices and more!

Top Paid To Surf Programs

ALLADVANTAGE This is a great winner as members have been in this one for a while and the checks are coming in. Expansion all over the globe is slated to open new markets.  The software is easy to load and with a bar that appears on your screen that is steady and unobtrustive. The plan pays for up to 40 hours each month. Check it out, you earn 50 cents/hour,  and each of your referrals will pay you 10 cents/hour as they earn 50 cents/hour.  This one is a sure winner.
CASHSURFERSThe surfing is unlimited for bucks and allows points which are translated monthly into cash.  Right now everyone's points have been doubled, it is so successful and the number of points per banner view are doubled to from 5 to 10. This is the best by benefiting each member to earn more. This makes the referral system promising as it is more incentive for everyone to join.
IGNIFUGE No software is required, making this very easy to do and to refer to people who want to help but really just don't want to be bugged with details.  All you do is change your start page. The Ignifuge start page is good, informative with lots of links to major advertisers like and a good search engine. It can be used with any other program you have already. Easy to join and set up. It took over a month to get my tracker, notification arrived by email and activating it was as easy as one click, but you can still build your referral base in the meantime.
RADIOFREECASH Check out their website, they are really playing music and will pay you to be a web listener and to refer! Effective May 1, you will see in your Radio Bank a fully exercisable credit towards all the CDs you earned in the month of February. Like the surf for cash companies, you are paid by the hour and you make more by getting referrals. Rich streaming media is going to be exploding on the net, start now on the ground floor for a very good position in a promising company. Right now there is a promotion of $25 cash for emailing 25 people, pure and simple. RadioFreeCash just announced it will immediately credit all CDs earned by our members during the month of February. While Radiofreecash had initially planned to defer this payment, it has grown so quickly (five fold since February) they want to directly thank members for support in the early stages of the Company's development, because the vision is now a reality. The next step towards the complete success of the Radiofreecash unique pay-to-listen program is the deployment of a Listening Bar which will launch the Pay-to-Listen Program. This development will be launched as soon as possible. As the company's ability to generate revenue from advertisers and pay RFC Members for their time listening depends on the successful deployment of the RFC Listening Bar. Everyone, including corporate partners, advertisers & members are all anxiously awaiting the deployment of the Listening Bar. This should be fun, get in now and start getting credits for CD's in the meantime!
CLICKDOUGH This company pays you 50% of the amount they charge to the advertisers for the ads that you view.  As with the others, there is no obligation to buy, but if you are in the market to purchase something, check it out here first as supporting them will increase the profits all around.
CAFE PRESS If you have a website and a logo or artwork you want to promote, this is the place. You can market your art and buisness logo and also get referral income for passing the site on to other business owners.  You pay nothing to sell your merchandise, it is all figured into the base price and you figure your sales price to make your profit, that's all you do. The inventory, shipping and handling are all done for you.  Referral income is great as this will be a great addition to almost any site with a message to get out.
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5 Cent Rate on Calls by MCI/WorldCom

It is welcome income to earn while surfing, as the advertisers pay you to view their ads. The ones here are easy and have the best referrals and come highly recommended. Do remember, if you are going to buy something, support your advertisers here first, it really makes CENTS (and $$$) for you to do so! Happy Surfing! -DJ

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